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A New Approach to Trauma

I am very excited to be able to offer Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) to clients in the Comox Valley. This evidence-based therapy is a unique and gentle approach to trauma therapy which often yields significant results in very few sessions (sometimes only one!).

What is ART?

ART is a different approach to psychotherapy which allows the therapist to guide the client through replacing the negative images in the mind connected to trauma with the client’s choice of positive images.

How do we do it?

ART Uses a variety of techniques from more traditional therapies with a combination of rapid eye movements (similar to that which occur while dreaming). This process works directly to reprogram the brain to help eliminate physical and emotional reactions to triggers.

The great thing about ART is how quickly it can work. Often folks will have significant results or symptoms completely eliminated in only one session. This is the case no matter how recent or long ago the trauma occurred

What does ART work for?

There is promising evidence for the use of ART for a wide variety of conditions:

·       anxiety and depression,

·       birth trauma,

·       family issues,

·       job stress,

·       grief and much more.

I see this as being a powerful tool in the perinatal period.

Where can I learn more?

Want to explore some of the research done on ART?

Some of the growing body of research on the use of ART can be found here:


Ready to explore ART for yourself?

Reach out to me today or book your appointment online.


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