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Welcome to a Place Where Your Parenthood Journey is Understood.

Discover a New Chapter

with Glacier Counselling


The journey through parenthood is overwhelming. You don’t have to do it alone

In a world where every glance brings images of blissful families and serene, laughing babies, your own journey can feel isolating and daunting. Are you struggling with the challenges of infertility or pregnancy loss, or maybe you’re feeling lost amidst the chaos of early motherhood?

Hi, I'm Tasha!

Your Compassionate Guide

I'm a Registered Social Worker dedicated to supporting folks through grief and life transitions. I specialize in perinatal mental health: from pre-pregnancy through to the early years of parenting. My personal encounters with fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, and high-risk pregnancies have shaped my professional path. These experiences ignited my passion for perinatal health and my commitment to helping individuals and families find their footing during these transformative times.

Your Story Matters

At Glacier Counselling, we believe in the power of your story. Every struggle, every quiet moment of despair, every tiny victory – it's all part of a journey that deserves to be heard and understood. If you're ready to share your story and lighten the load you've been carrying, I'm here to listen and guide you.

Your first step to start your journey to a more fulfilling life

Book your initial 75-minute appointment to dive deep into your story, or start with a free 15-minute consult to see how I can help. This is more than just therapy; it's the beginning of a brighter, lighter path in your life as a parent.

Remember, in the journey through parenthood, every step matters, and you deserve to walk this path with support and care. Let's take this journey together.

My approach


I understand that each individual's journey is unique. My therapeutic approach deeply fosters strong, empathetic relationships with my clients, guiding them toward a life filled with greater acceptance and freedom. All my work is trauma-informed and guided by an anti-oppressive and anti-racist approach. My practice is LGBTQIA2S+ friendly and all genders are welcome. 

I draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches aimed at creating a safe space for creative expression and exploration, and opportunity for your authentic voice to be heard. 

 What does this mean for you?

Therapy isn't one size fits all. Every client is different so my approach will vary based on your needs. I want you to be comfortable to join me, kick off your shoes, and tell your story your way. My goal is to lighten your load.

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